What is a School Psychologist?

My name is Lisa Skifton, and I am the School Psychologist at Winona Middle School. As a School Psychologist, I have many roles. My primary role is to evaluate students who are referred for special education or who are already receiving special education services. I also do individual counseling and group counseling with students on issues such as self-esteem, anger management, managing stress, depression, and social skills. I frequently consult with parents on behavior management techniques and learning strategies, and with teachers on behavior management techniques and teaching strategies.

In addition to being a School Psychologist, I have teaching licenses in Mild/Moderate Mental Impairments (now called "Developmental Cognitive Delay") and Learning Disabilities. I have three year's special education teaching experience prior to becoming a School Psychologist. I have maintained my teaching skills by continuing to do private tutoring in my home.

I can be reached at or 507-494-1013. I work each day, except Tuesdays.

revised 6-4-2015


Contact: Lisa Skifton