Mr. Blacklock

Mrs. Bittle

I am starting my eighteenth year of teaching this year, and thirteen of them have been at the Winona Middle School.  I cannot think of any other place, grade, or subject I would rather be teaching.   I have seen both of my children pass through the doors of this school and feel fortunate they have been able to attend WAPS.  My oldest, Sydney, is a freshman in college and my son, Brody, is a sophomore at Winona Senior High.  My husband and I are both from Winona 

This year in Fifth grade Science the students will be learning about all the different science areas.  We start out with Earth Science, learning about cool stuff like tornadoes, hurricanes, and erosion.  All the things that change our surface of our Earth in quick ways and really slow ways too.  Then we head into Physical Science by learning about forces that make motion possible.  Students will be making their own marble maze showing how friction and gravity slow their marble down.  It's a race you don't want to win!