Winona Middle School Music Department

Winona Middle School offers a variety of musical experiences for our students. Band, Choir, Orchestra, and Exploring Music are all classes that our Middle School Students may choose to participate in. All ensemble classes provide free lessons given by our music staff.

Winona Middle School celebrates our rich heritage of musical excellence and continues to strive to provide a diverse and wide range of musical elective classes for our students. Our "Middle School Philosophy" encourages students to try a variety of musical experiences. Studies prove that participating in music helps to boost test scores in other subject areas, promote creative thinking, and sharpens fine and large motor skills. Being a part of an ensemble also helps to strengthen team work and public speaking abilities...skills needed for a lifetime! Our staff is eager to help students to find their musical 'niche' as they explore the music offerings at Winona Middle School. WMS encourages students to explore all that music and being a part of a music ensemble can offer!

Winona Area Public Schools Music Department Philosophy and Goals

The primary and essential value of music education rests in the opportunity it presents to our students for a joyous participation and appreciation of music. Music is an experience that expands, deepens and enriches life while simultaneously enhancing academic rigor. We believe all students have an inherent right to pursue this experience in accordance with their respective needs, interests and abilities. Underlying all of the above is the need for broad knowledge and comprehension of music's fundamentals, thereby providing a firm foundation in the musical arts. With these things in place, we can strive to foster a lifelong understanding and appreciation of music.

1. Introduce students to various areas of music through a variety of experiences.
2. Provide a well-rounded learning experience in the fundamentals, refinement and performance of music of high artistic merit.
3. Motivate students so that they are willing to learn, whether looking towards present or future participation, or as a music consumer.
4. Identify the musical abilities/talents of students through testing, observation and evaluation.
5. Provide the opportunity for the student to participate in activities to further creativity and expression in composition, performance, analysis, appreciation and both passive and critical li