Grading Policy

Physical Education and Health are activity based classes. Attendance and participation are an important part of each students’ grade.

There are 7 points available daily.
Deduction and addition of points are as follows:
Absent = - 7 points
Tardy to Class = - 1 point
Not fully uniformed = - 2 points
ND (Not dressed for class) = - 7 points
Chewing gum = -7 points
Wearing Sandals or Dress Shoes = - 7 points
Vandalism/Theft = Between - 1 and - 5 depending on behavior
Negative Classroom Behavior = Between - 1 and - 5 depending on behavior
Positive Classroom Behavior = Between +1 and +5 depending on behavior

Grading Curve:
90% - 100 % A
80% - 89% B
70% - 79% C
60% - 69 % D
59% and below F

Make Up Policy:
Absences -
Upon returning to school or class, the student should:
A. See your teacher immediately for suggestion for make up. Make up is the students responsibility.
B. Complete a make up sheet - available in the locker rooms.
C. Return the make up sheet to your instructor within three Physical Education class periods with parent/guardian signature. Any late make up is deducted 1 point each class day after.
D. If any worksheets, study guides, or tests were given while absent it is the students responsibility to see their teacher before or after school to recieve peper work. 

Written tested are given in Physical Education class in some units. 
Study guides are given out in class prior to these written tests. Study guides can also be picked up outside the locker rooms.
Written tests are taken and corrected within the class period. Missed tests must be made up before or after school. The student is responsible for coming to the teacher and setting up that time.

Medical Excuses:
To be excused from participating in Physical Education Class, a written note is required. Written notes from parents are acceptable for one day only. If the student is required to sit out for an extended period of time, a physician’s note is required.
If a student is excused form participating, every effort will be made to keep the student involved in the class activity. For example, being a referee or keeping score. By being involved, the student is exempt from doing any make up worksheets.

Extra Credit:
A student may earn up to 6 extra credit points each quarter. Extra credit can be earned for a number of things, some of which are listed below. Two points will be given for each event attended, with a maximum of 3 events per quarter.
1) Attend a sporting event and bring a program, signed by a parent/guardian confirming your attendance.
2) Attend any community event and bring in some proof of attendance(program, flyer…etc) or a short essay describing the event, signed by a parent/guardian.
3) If a parent has another idea, talk to your instructor to see if it is something that may or may not be utilized for extra credit