Membership Information

Annual Dues:
$7.00 for an individual membership (one card) 
$14.00 for a family membership (two cards)

Make checks payable to WMS PTA. 

Return completed form and payment to WMS After School Activities Office or any WMS PTA Officer.

How and Why the WMS PTA Matters
Through the collaborative efforts of the PTA, WMS administration and staff, parents and the Community Education Afterschool Activity Program, the WMS PTA:
  • Raises $$ for field trips
  • Helps in classrooms
  • Organizes Reflections art competition
  • Helps with fun nights
  • Supports special projects and activities in individual classes
  • Fosters positive relationships between home and school
“Involved parents develop more positive attitudes toward school and school personnel, help gather support, and bring additional resources to benefit the schools.  Teachers who participated in a parent involvement program improved their teaching and reported much greater job satisfaction.  In addition, these schools reported that parent involvement programs prove to be a cost-effective way to increase student achievement.” - Metropolitan Life Survey of the American Teacher

Membership Form