8th Grade Physical Education

Every other day Physical Education:
Physical education is an "out of house" class for the students at Winona Middle School. Classes meet every other day (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday) and Friday's alternate. Every other day PE meets opposite of the students music choice.  Students are in class for 60 minutes and will be required to change into a physical education uniform.  Th uniform consists of an orange t-shirt and black shorts. Health education is taught within the Physical Education Class for sixth, seventh and eighth graders. Sixth, seventh and eigth grade students recieve two health units a year.

Everyday Physical Education:
During the 2014-2015 school year, students enrolled in Everyday PE will be piloting a new program for us here at the Middle School.  It is an elective program where students will be able to choose which activities they want to be in.  Students will be choosing from a wide array of team sports, individual sports, fitness and lifelong activities.  These choices will be made each quarter.  Students will still be required to take at least two units of both swimming and Health.  As a staff, we reserve the right to move students to a different section of the same activity, if the numbers dictate such a move.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact your sons/daughters Physical Education instructor. 

Offerings in 8th Grade include:

Team Sports                                   Individual Sports                       
Ultimate Frisbee                               Tennis                                         
Softball                                             Golf                                              
Basketball                                         Frisbee Golf                                
Volleyball                                          Pickle Ball                                 
Speed-Away                                     Shufleboard                                
Flag Football                                    Table Tennis        
Pool Games                     

Lifelong Activities                                                                                     

Intro to Weight Training
Bags Toss(Cornhole)
Swimming Strokes

Health Units
8th Grade Food and Drink Choices
Sexually Transmitted Infections