5th Grade Physical Education

Physical education is an "out of house" class for the students at Winona Middle School. Classes meet every other day (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday) and Friday's alternate. Every other day PE meets opposite of the students music choice.  Students are in class for 60 minutes and will be required to change into a physical education uniform.  Th uniform consists of an orange t-shirt and black shorts. Students not in a performing music(band, choir, orchestra) will also have 2 30 minute PE classes each week along with their General Music class.  

Below is a listing of units the 5th graders will be participating in at the Winona Middle School.  These units wil be taught during the 60 minute physical education classes.  They may also be taught during the 30 minute physical educatin classes.  

Flag Games
Ultimate Football
Swimming Strokes
Olympic Games
Track and Field
Frisbee Golf